About STEM Hands-On Learning Program

We want to help bring back the magic that occurs when the head, hand and heart act in unison.

The Program will consist of:

  1. Hands-On Learning Modules per Student / Class
  2. Each Student would get an Individual Module to work on
  3. Scheduling of Topics as per the Institute’s calendar mapped to the lesson plan of each class
  4. Online Assessment at the end of the Program
  5. Online & Local Teacher Orientation Workshop
  6. Program Implementation supported locally and from BFF

The Program will be conducted through the Teachers from your school, who will be trained by BFF Master Trainers

Benefits for the school:


  1. Hands-on learning making hands and mind busy
  2. Provides experience for deeper understanding of concepts
  3. Productive engagement – build, think, apply, play and explore
  4. Encourages self-learning


  1. Facilitates the transition of chalk& talk to Student centric mode
  2. Helps in closer binding with students


  1. Happy to see their children bringing made models home, play and explore
  2. Helps in improving the attention span
  3. Supports slow learners
  4. Effective engagement time for children, keeping them away from Mobile / Video Games etc.

School management:

  1. Enable 21st Century Skills – STEM learning
  2. Zero Set Up Cost and flexible fit to budget solutions
  3. Differentiate from competition
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